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What is more wonderful in your child's life than sharing your love and pride at his or her bar or bat mitzvah! But in order to ensure that your ceremony and reception run smoothly and without incident so you can enjoy all those unforgettable moments, why not hire the Bar Mitzvah Bouncer?

We are a professional chaperone service established in 1998. Our goal is to ensure a secure and orderly environment so you and your guests can savor every eventful moment. Specifically, we make sure the young adults attending your event are safe and not causing any mischief during the party. In addition, if you are using a bus service between a base point and your party, our staff is also available to chaperone the entire transportation part of the event.

So relax, have a wonderful time, and let The Bar Mitzvah Bouncer assist in making your child's special day a memorable and major success!

Other Chaperone Services We Provide

No matter what the event may be, the Bar Mitzvah Bouncer will be there to make sure that your special event runs smoothly. Our staff is available for the following occasions:

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